Zebco/Quantum 33KA, 10C, CP3 Zebco/ Quantum, 33 Spincast Reel, Authentic, 3.6: 1 Gear Ratio, 19″ Retrieve Rate, 1 Bearing, Clam Package

Zebco/Quantum 33KA, 10C, CP3 Zebco/ Quantum, 33 Spincast ReelFishing is not just a profession, but it is a sport, a skill, and above all, a hobby. No matter what your age is, but once you are in a dock or in the boat, the thing which matters is the catch.

No doubt, fishing is a unique hobby to have as it has several benefits. Not only it helps in relieving your mind, but also it builds confidence, encourages a healthy lifestyle, teaches patience, and enhances coordination skills and motor planning.

To have a pleasant experience of fishing, you need to have the latest fishing tackles. One of the most important fishing gear you need to see is the casting reel. The type of casting reel you are using defines how great your fishing experience is going to be.

A casting reel is a gadget used for the placement and recovery of a spinning line using a reel attached on an axis.

Since not everyone is familiar with the types of fishing reels, you may get a bad experience of using it. Though the anglers are well aware of the fishing gears, having the latest, durable fishing reel gives you more efficient results.

As you are reading this article, you don’t need to worry about searching the best fishing reel, as here we are going to give you a detailed review of one of the best casting reels we have found, and that is the Zebco/Quantum 33KA, 10C, 33 Spincast Reel. Even though you are a beginner or a professional angler, the spin-cast reels are among the best.

The spin cast reel is introduced to solve the issue of backlash started in bait-cast designs even though decreasing line twist and noose complaints, which sometimes happened with outdated spinning reel designs.

The spin cast reel removes the outsized wire bail and line breaker of the spinning reel and is also fixed with an exterior muzzle cone that enfolds and shields the fixed spool.

To see how it functions, let’s have a look down on quick specifications first.

  • Brand: Zebco
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Color: Silver Metal and Black Graphite
  • Item Weight: 01 Pounds
  • Gear ratio : 3.6:1
  • Product Measurements : 6 x 6 x 3 inches; 0.16 Ounces
  • Method used: Spin-cast
  • Size of the Reel: 33
  • Handle Position of the reel: Right/Left
  • Item model number: 33K.10C.BX6
  • Retrieve Rate: 19″
  • Bearing Count: 1
  • Mono Capacity (Yards/lbs): 110/10
  • Anti-Reverse: QuickSet
  • Lightweight graphite frame
  • Industrial grade brushed stainless steel covers.
  • Brushed die-cast metal handle
  • Dual Ceramic Pick-up Pins
  • Built-In Bite Alert™
  • MicoFine™ dial-adjustable drag
  • PVC rubber knobs
  • Changeable right or left-hand retrieve
  • One year limited warranty.


The spin cast reel was proven to be a success in solving the backlash found in bait-cast designs, and therefore everyone started developing it, but you will not find every spin-cast reel up to the standard.

Therefore choosing the best fishing reel becomes a hectic task as not everyone is capable of recognizing the original or replica products.

To ease our readers’ search, here we are giving you a detailed review of one of the best casting reels we have found and is used by the majority of anglers, and that is Zebco/Quantum 33KA, 10C, 33 Spincast Reel. Let’s go down below to see what are the benefits we have of using the Zebco Spin-cast reel.

Design and Features:

The spin cast reel is acknowledged for being a reasonably priced reel. It is as well an easy fishing reel for routine, and an enhanced reel to use for the learners.

The Zebco manufactures the spin-cast reel we are reviewing here. It is one of the oldest, renowned, and established brands when it comes to manufacturing fishing products.

This spin-cast reel by Zebco is equipped with the latest features and design and can be used by beginners and as well as experts. The unique functionality of this Zebco reel makes it one of the top-rated and most-selling reel of this brand.

The Zebco Genuine Spincast Fishing Reel has all required features you need to fetch in the big catch with a trivial package at an affordable cost.

The Zebco spin-cast reel has a quickset anti-reverse clutch system on a spinning reel that averts the reel from rotating backward and involves the drag. This function of Zebco fishing reel assisted people back-reel instead of allowing the grind to fight the angle.

To make this Spincast reel to last long, to increase its efficiency and enhance its performance, a lightweight graphite frame, industrial-grade brushed stainless steel covers, and PVC rubber knobs are being used.

The Zebco Spincast Fishing Reel has left/right retrieve and ball bearing drive all contained in a stainless steel protective cover, which facilitates in motion; it carries loads, reduces friction, and positions moving machine parts.

Unlike other fishing reels, the spin-cast reel from Zebco contains rubberized levers for additional ease and a red line for visibility in the water. In addition, it comes filled with an excellent grade of monofilament. Hence it has all the necessary characteristics, which makes it the best fishing reel to be used.

  • Easy to setup
  • Requires minimal installation
  • Recommended for beginners
  • Cost-effective
  • Reliable and efficient
  • Lightweight
  • The braided fishing line doesn’t work correctly in these reels.
  • Not preferred for professional use
Final Thought
We believe that the Zebco spin cast fishing reel is the best pick for you as it has all the required features. Plus, it is not costly as compared to other casting reels with the same functionality and design. You must get this product if you want to have a good experience while fishing.
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