Types Of Fishing Reels

Types Of Fishing Reels

If you want to bring out your A-game in fishing, you must know the different kinds of fishing reels. To become a pro fisher, knowing your equipment is essential. These days, anglers use a lot of advanced gadgets to enhance their fishing skills.

Still, no other item can beat the benefits of a good fishing reel. That being said, the type of fishing reel you use can make a massive impression on your fishing.

It takes a lot of guts and time to choose a suitable reel that fits your tactics. Besides that, the reel you select must be ideal for your fishing rod as well. In that case, the rod you use also varies.

Are you struggling with fishing reels and don’t know what type to get? Well, you did the right thing coming here. This guide to the kinds of fishing reels will help you understand the function of every fishing reel. The result of this guide is guaranteed; you’ll know which reel to buy.

This extensive guide will provide you clear-cut knowledge of the types of fishing reels and which type will fit your rod best. Keep reading for more information.

6 Types of Fishing Reels


    • Spincast Fishing Reel

      A spin-cast fishing reel has a full face, which means its internal components are kept inside and under a nose cavity. The fishing line passes the hole from the internal structure.
      The reel contains a button on its back, which you can press while casting and the line pushes forward, and when you un-press the button, the fishing line comes back.
      When it comes to usage, a spin-cast reel is easy to use, which is why it is the perfect choice for newbie fishers. You will not have to go through any recoiling, and your line will remain smooth and untwisted. Moreover, the spin-cast fishing reel is also one of the most affordable reels available.
      There is one con of using a spin-cast fishing reel; it does not provide a precise line and doesn’t push the line farther.

    • Spinning Fishing Reel

      A spinning fishing reel is very popular among professional anglers. It has an open-face structure and is easy to use, even for newbies.
      These types of fishing reels provide instant and farther casting as compared to spin-casting fishing reels. Other than being great at casting, a spinning reel offers generous line capacity as well. It means you can add any amount of line on it.
      However, if you still want to use a spin-casting reel, then you can add another spool to it, which will help you to switch your line when on water.
      Yes, spinning reels cast further and are a much better choice than spin-casting fishing reels, but they are a bit expensive. On the other hand, the spinning fishing reel is suitable for professionals who know their waters. Just to be careful, do not use this fishing reel on a heavy line.
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    • BaitCasting Fishing Reel

      When it comes to the best type of fishing reel, the baitcasting fishing reel is suitable for you. It has a much better design and structure than the two examples discussed above.
      As they are exceptionally unusual, they require skilled anglers to be cast excellently. Only the best anglers use this type of fishing reel.
      When you release the line with a baitcasting fishing reel, you will notice the spool to rotate. But, it is challenging to learn and master a baitcasting fishing reel. Once you know how to use it, you’ll be able to cast precisely and correctly into interminable distances.
      Besides that, baitcasting fishing reels provide a quick and easy retrieve, and that makes them ideal for catching heavier, harder, faster, and larger struggling fishes.
      Now let’s get to the downside of this type of fishing reel. It does offer the best amount of distance and precision, but it also creates a lot of fishing line twists and backlashes.
      As a result of that, you must know how to control the casting. You can do that by putting your thumb on the line. But, it is expensive than all the other fishing reels mentioned above.
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    • Surf Fishing Reel

      You can use baitcasting and spinning reels for surf fishing. Then again, it is the angler’s choice to select the type of reel he/she likes.
      Furthermore, there is a reel suitable for surf fishing – A Surf Fishing Reel. They are versatile, lightweight, and provide adequate retrieval levels. An ideal surf reel can withstand all surf-situation, in which the sun, sand, and saltwater are prominent.
      When it comes to line capacity, these type of fishing reels provides a lot of fishing lines and precise casting distances. So if you like to fish on the land of surfers, the surf fishing reel is the best choice for you.

    • Fly Fishing Reel

      A fly fishing reel is a game changer! To be able to fly fish, accuracy is needed so you can cast the fishing line to the desired distance. As a result, you can use fly fishing reels to make the most of out precise fishing.
      A fly fishing reel is durable, simple, and reliable. There’s a reason why a lot of fishers use fly fishing reels; they are very durable and tend to deliver fantastic fishing results. So if you want to invest in a reliable fishing reel, this one is your best bet.

    • Offshore Fishing Reel

      If there is any tough and rigid fishing reel available, it is the offshore fishing reel. Although they are expensive, they are fantastic fishing companions.
      You can use an offshore fishing reel to withstand the harsh conditions of the shore. An offshore fishing reel tends to catch a monster-like fish. Besides that, they have a prominent design, which means you can easily spot them in the splashes of saltwater.


Now that you know about the different Types Of Fishing Reels, you can easily make your pick. You must understand that every fishing reel type serves a different purpose, so keep that in mind while you select.

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