Top 10 Fishing PliersIsn’t it mind-boggling that many fishermen overlook pliers when packing up their gear for fishing?

They realize their importance when they are in dire need of them and none is around.

The main role of fishing pliers is to bend cords, remove hooks, cut fishing lines, change split rings, and many more. Owing to these, a good fishing pliers is a must-have tool in every fisherman’s toolbox.

By simplifying the complicated tasks, it makes angling more enjoyable. However, you need to choose the top-most in the fishing market so that it may serve you in the best possible way when required.

With the fishing industry full of a varied range of fishing pliers, its cumbersome to choose the ‘right’ one for you. This review narrows down your hunt for fishing pliers to the top ten that our research and customers’ reviews proved are the best in the market.

Read through and pick a couple of them before falling prey to the dealer’s bait in the fishing gear market.


RUNCL Fishing Pliers S1
(Editor’s Choice)
Fishfun Locking Aluminum Fishing Pliers
ZACX Fishing Pliers, Fish Lip Gripper
EGO Kryptek Fishing Pliers
TQONEP 2-Pacs Stainless Steel Fishing Pliers
Manley 2006 Pliers
PENN Bull Nose Pliers
SAMSFX Locking Fishing Pliers
SAMSFX Locking Aluminum Fishing Pliers
Dr.meter Aluminum Fishing Pliers


1. RUNCL Fishing Pliers S1, Needle Nose Pliers – Braid Cutter

RUNCL Fishing Pliers S1, Needle Nose Pliers - Braid Cutter, Hook Remover, Split Ring OpenerThe option for the RUNCL pliers includes needle-nose pliers and fish gripper. So, dropping the bait, breaking the fishing line, and separating the loop, is fine enough with RUNCL.

Manufactured with carbon steel, RUNCL pliers is the name of durability and stability. It is resistant to corrosion.  The simplicity of the long nose is another justification for you to buy these pliers.

It comprises a sheath of nylon, a lanyard, and a snap of the belt loop. Nylon sheath renders its high portability. Coupled with top-level portability, its 5-in-1 functionality makes it the best available option.

Feature Description

The RUNCL fishing pin is constructed of rugged 420 stainless steel and features a black Teflon coating that prevents rust and corrosion in saltwater conditions for a longer period than the typical stainless-steel fishing pliers

RUNCL spring-loaded pliers stay open and are always found ready for simple one-handed usage when you are carrying the fish or rodin the other hand. This helps to reduce fatigue caused in hand due to long handling.

These useful fishing pliers feature high carbon stainless steel textured grips, extra-sharp carbide knife, leader-sleeve crimping cut-outs, built-in split ring opener, weight tuner, render absolute flexibility and protection for tying, crimping, hook removal and cutting, offering anglers thorough mobility to do any work.

The changeable tungsten carbide cutter is sharp enough to cut all sorts of fishing lines like a braid. The anvil cutter is laterally positioned for a better line of stability and sight. It allows you to cut the fishing lines as close to the knot as you like. The mounting surface behind translates into the fishing line still in the cutting range.

The elegant vented fishing pin is designed with ergonomic finger grooves and non-slip, powerful PVC grips for superior stability and comfort, and provides a strong, comfortable grip for your hands even under wet conditions.

  • Consists of a dual tool
  • Highly portable
  • 5-in-1 functionality
  • Manufactured with carbon steel
  • Lasting
  • Comfortable handle
  • Cuts heavier braids smoothly
  • Can be worn on a belt or any other hook on your dress
  • Not so light in weight



2. Fishfun Locking Aluminum Fishing Pliers, Saltwater Resistant Braid Cutters

Fishfun Locking Aluminum Fishing Pliers, No Misaligned Jaws, Saltwater Resistant Braid CuttersThey are amazing fishing pliers to be kept in your tackle box. You would like the way they work and the way they are designed to be used with one single hand. It is quite easy for them to remove the hook.

Feature Description

Fishfun fishing pin requires special sawtooth construction, apply 30 percent thickness to the joint and use solid Allen screws to ensure the tips are not misaligned or quickly loosened.

Theirstainless-steel titanium-coated jaws include line-cutters, all-in-one split comb, hook release gear, and crimping.

The Teflon coated 6061 aluminum handle and the Titanized 304 stainless steel jaws have exceptional protection to rust, suitable for both saltwater and freshwater.

Its tungsten carbide blades of 2 times width, extremely sharp and robust, simple to cut the longest braided sheets, fly lines, and mono chief, it is securely screwed to prevent any loosening. Cutters are mounted sideways to facilitate access.

Its super strong, smooth spring handle can be effortlessly pulled to open and close the jaws. They are relatively larger in their length (7.9 inches) as compared to other average pliers available in the market.

  • Fits perfectly well in hand
  • Well-built and solid
  • Stay aligned during operations
  • Don’t fit well in small hands



3. ZACX Fishing Pliers, Fish Lip Gripper Multi-Function Pliers Set

ZACX Fishing Pliers, Fish Lip Gripper Multi-Function Pliers Set,Braid CuttersThese pliers are known to be the best among the saltwater fishing pliers which are prepared with a distinguished hollow design.

And in fact, this hollow design is what makes it the best selling pliers in the market. The major benefit of this hollow design is that it doesn’t let the saltwater stay on it for long and keeps it clean.

Its lightweight profile makes it more appealing. With this, you can easily crimp ties, leads, and cut the fishing lines.

With these hard pliers, even the thickest fishing line can be cut. You can well use them to disable hooks too. Many of the smaller fishing hooks may require some drill as they are primarily designed for big, saltwater-specific species.

Feature Description

ZACX tried to increase the length of the EVA Foam Handle to 4.3inch for this iconic T-handle grabber. This updated ergonomically built handle increases grip and power over the pliers and helps reduce fatigue significantly.

Its spring-loaded handle of better quality renders its users’ extreme accessibility and makes it easy to use with one hand.

Its lanyard prevents it from accidental loss of grip and easy to reach. Among its drawbacks, the split ring appears to be at the place where rust can appear with time.

  • Manufactured in a hollow design
  • May be used to crimping sleeves
  • Can cut all type of fishing lines
  • The split ring is prone to rust



4. EGO Kryptek Fishing Pliers, Fishhook Remover, Weight Crimper

EGO Kryptek Fishing Pliers, Fishhook Remover, Weight Crimper, Stainless Steel JawsEgo, which started as a small-scaled landing company grew into an icon in innovation in the fishing gear industry in no time. It was because the company addressed many functional issues being faced by anglers for years and offered traditional products with novel solutions.

Extending its products from sliders to fishing tools in recent years, EGO designed many fishing accessories under the name EGO Kryptek in 2016 and these fishing pliers became one of their flagship products featuring a high-tech technology.

These fishing pliers along with other EGO fishing accessories has provided the anglers from around the globe with sublime fishing experience.

Feature Description

The material used in the pliers is the high-tech durable aluminum which is used to manufacture aircraft.

Due to its quality material, the pliers are extremely light in weight and durable with its durable corrosion-free stainless-steel cutters.

Cuts any kind of braid and monofilament fishing lines effortlessly and is a great tool for removing fishing hooks from the gigantic fishes that you capture.

They come with a safety tether which helps you hook the pliers with the belt securely without any fear of dropping them in water.

The only known downside of these pliers is that they don’t have a belt case with them. However, it is not a deal-breaker as the multiple benefits it comes with outweigh this small demerit.It can be used for cutting a variety of nets, measuring tools, coolers, gaffs, tackleboxes, and different other fishing gears.

  • Can hold the things better due to its steel-lined teeth
  • Can cut mono, spectra and other braids
  • Small enough to be hung on the belt
  • Doesn’t drill a hole in your fishing stool if you happen to sit with this on your belt
  • Lacks belt case



5. FishHook Removers, Braid Cutters, Split Ring, Saltwater Fishing Pliers

FishHook Removers, Braid Cutters, Split Ring, Saltwater Fishing Pliers, Corrosion ResistantIf you target the fish with sharp pointed teeth such as snapper and trout etc and worried about their bites on your fingers, these pliers are a must for you as with its long togs it will keep the fish away from your fingers.

Its standout feature is its fishhook remover which gives it deeper access and helps to remove fish firmly. If you clean this with clear water after using and let it dry in a ventilated place before packing up, it will have an extended life.

Feature Description

It is highly portable and lightweight with its small 5 inches size. Its small size allows consumers to comfortably control the smallest split rings while they are being changed and loaded.

It can be easily used with one hand. These versatile pliers are made of stainless steel and are suitable for removing makeup, splitting rings, removing hooks, cutting single and braided fishing lines, and crimping machines.

It is cleverly designed to prevent from falling into the water and get lost. With its nylon sheath and coiled lanyard, it can be conveniently hung on your waistband or belt and can stay secure to be used when required.

TQONEP has reliable customer support. They answer all your email queries within 24 hours.

  • Easy to use
  • Can be hung on waistband safely
  • Cuts all types of lines effortlessly
  • Doesn’t work well with enormous fish



6. Manley 2006 Pliers with Teflon and Vinyl Grip

Manley 2006 Pliers with Teflon and Vinyl Grip,They are manufactured with top-notch quality aluminum and stainless steel with a special coating that keeps the pliers secure against saltwater corrosion. Its metal corrodes are five times faster in saltwater as compared to freshwater, as it is meant for saltwater fishing.

With over 25 years of history in providing the anglers with durable and innovative fishing gear, Manley is a reliable name. its pliers with their high-quality material can withstand everyday fishing in fresh and saltwater.

Feature Description

It is available in Teflon finish which is resistant to rust as well as in dark oxide coating. Its build is robust, and material used in its making is of high quality.

This renders its durability. The users reported having used it for 10 to 20 years even. It is always reliable and can be kept as a backup for the time when you need to cut the hooks after being accidentally hooked.

It comes with all the salient features carried by its more expensive counterparts such as Van Stalls. It is quite insane to spend $400 on pliers. That’s why anglers prefer Malneys which allows you to enjoy all the ease and sturdiness of Van Stalls at a reasonable price.

However, be mindful of the fact that if you are primarily fishing for smaller fish, Malneys is not for you as in this case you would be better served with pliers that have needle noses.

Conversely, for shark, inshore stuff, and redfish, they are perfectly fine. Yes, it would require a bit of maintenance too. It is an amazing tool with beefy and stolid sides that can easily cut braided lines and hooks.

  • Relatively longer (7.5 inches) than average pliers
  • Comes with a coiled lanyard and a protective sheath to ensure the pliers always come handy in the time of need.
  • Tungsten carbide cutters can effortlessly cut the braided lines too
  • Comes loaded with spring for convenient handling
  • The grip and cutting blades used in the pliers can be replaced
  • Feels gritty some time
  • The rotating pin and the surface it meets could have been made more precise
  • Some burrs and edges are where they should not be
  • Fronts edges do not mate up smoothly
  • Imprecise-can’t hold things evenly with its tip



7. PENN Bull Nose Pliers

PENN Bull Nose PliersPenn Bullnose pliers are ergonomic in design and powerful in performance. Manufactured with stainless-steel which is resistant against corrosion and rust, coated in black nickel-titanium, PENN is the name of strength and hardness.

Feature Description

Among other salient features of PENN, there are exchangeable line cutters and knot cinching holes placed in the jaws.

Its stainless-steel build makes it sturdy and durable while its black titanium coating gives it protection against rust and adds to its longevity.

PENN works well for braided and monofilament lines alike. Its knot cinching is a real handy feature. The handle which is ergonomically constructed doesn’t let your hand fatigues even after constant use.

Its sheath and lanyard are better as compared to different models. Unlike other models, PENN doesn’t have crimper grooves and other features which are unnecessary in pliers.

To the minor end, it cannot reach small, narrow places and tight mouths as it is a bullnose,pliers. You will have to go for its 6.5” version if you require a finer tip often.

Secondly, its handles are spaced way too farther from each other. The consumers with large hands are also found complaining of loosening their group due to spaced handles. However, it can be rated as a good plier but may not be called your favorite. It can be recommended to those with large hands.

  • Built sturdily
  • Excellent spring
  • Cuts braided lines smoothly
  • God sheath
  • No goofy grooves, holes or crimpers in jaws
  • The arm handles are widely spaced
  • The handle holes are quite narrow for hands
  • The nose may be a bit blunt



8. SAMSFX Locking Fishing Pliers Saltwater with Wire Lanyard Sheath

SAMSFX Locking Fishing Pliers Saltwater with Wire Lanyard SheathGreat belt kit with a surprising number of functions for fishing freshwater bass, trout, and like species. The ability to have the tools you need on your belt with the security of knowing that they won’t disappear into the depths if you drop them to make this an inexpensive combo that I am more than happy to recommend.

Feature Description

With its aluminum alloy body, carbide cutters, exchangeable titanium plating jaw tips, and rust resistance for saltwater, SAMSFX is a great go-to option for pliers.

It can be easily carried due to its wire coil lanyard and camouflage sheath. These two features also help to provide better protection.

Moreover, it can be easily clipped on to your belt or the waistband of your vest so that it may be quickly accessed at the time of need.

It can be easily handled with one hand. You can even lock or unlock too using one hand. These pliers also feature a built-in braid line cutter, a spilled ring tip, and a crimping slot. The only quibble with it is its sheath which tips off at times and gets slippery in hands.

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Can be operated with one hand
  • Exchangeable jaws
  • Slippery sheath



9. SAMSFX Locking Aluminum Fishing Pliers Saltwater Braid Line Cutter

SAMSFX Locking Aluminum Fishing Pliers Saltwater Braid Line Cutter Split Ring OpenerThese pliers feel great in hand and are light weighted. Its look and design are pretty good. They can easily puncture a hole in anything you want to sit on. You can either get an open bottle design in this or go for a full holster which proves itself to be more practical around.

Features Description

With its aluminum handles, these pliers give a comfortable hand feel to the users. For enhanced ease of use, it is designed to be used with one thumb and a finger which provides a better grip.

These ergonomic handles feature a convenient trigger and a reliable finger lock. Moreover, it has sharp tungsten carbide cutters which can be exchanged when blunt. They can cut the hard-braided fishing lines.

The space between the two handles is maximized in this model so that better control and powerful grip can be ensured. These powerful pliers can well be used as a fish gripper.

Its package includes a nylon sheath, a belt loop using which you can choose to wear it on your belt so that it comes handy in emergencies.

It also has a retractable coil lanyard so that pliers can be carried around securely. Overall, these are must-have pliers for anglers. Built with stainless steel spring it ascertains safety, convenience, and versatility for the anglers.

  • Powerful built
  • Safe
  • Durable
  • Protected against rust
  • Can be hung safely on the belt
  • Connector latch is flimsy, it easily bends and breaks down
  • Zero for holster
  • Some complaints from the consumers about their cutting efficiency on braided lines



10. Meter Aluminum Fishing Pliers, Saltwater Resistant Fishing Gear

Meter Aluminum Fishing Pliers, Saltwater Resistant Fishing GearUpgrade your tackle box with Dr. Meter. The best part of these pliers is that they come with a nylon sheath and a coiled lanyard. It also includes quality fish gloves to keep your hands protected. Its metal hook helps to hold the fish in place.

This top-quality fishing kit includes a fish gripper, a fish pliers, and lasting fish gloves. These versatile fishing pliers can come in handy when you are to cut fishing lines or remove the hook from the caught fish and many more tasks like this.

Feature Description

Dr. Meter is a do-it-all kit including fish grippers, pliers, and fish gloves. It is a perfect go-to option for professionals and novices alike.

These pliers are sturdily constructed and are as tough as nails. Its aluminum and steel build don’t bend while you remove hooks from the fish or cut your fishing line.

Its metal hook keeps the slippery fish held at its place and the fish gripper helps keep holding it for a long time. Its EVA handle works well to keep a tight grip both in dry and wet weather conditions.

Its set of gloves keeps your hands free of any grim during fishing. They are tailored out of top- quality ethylene material with rubber reinforced pals to enhance their longevity without compromising on flexibility.

To help you keep a good track of your pliers, the company has added a fastener lock, a solid nylon sheath, and a coiled lanyard in the package.

  • Well-built
  • Remain tight, do not wobble
  • Not flimsy
  • Rubber palm added for substantial padding for protection
  • Small, can’t be used to catch the big fish


Buying Guide

The thing that makes purchasing fishing pliers a daunting task is that there is a range of them available in the fishing gear market. Those reviewed above are top-rated by the anglers.

Besides, the following are the features to consider while selecting a fishing pliers for you.


Fishing pliers are used in conditions with fresh or saltwater which are corrosive and encourage corrosion. That is why it is imperative to choose fishing manufactured with high-quality material that does not rust or corrode.

You don’t invest to end up with a rusted-shut crap of metal which doesn’t work anymore. Normally, the quality pliers use either titanium, stainless steel, or aluminum. All of them are corrosion-resistant, lasting, and heavy-duty.

Aluminum is stiff, lightweight, and immune to rust however, it can’t withstand extreme pressure or heavyweight and becomes brittle and vulnerable to bending. Fishing pliers constructed from aluminum alloys of aircraft quality are the benchmark for ensuring longevity.

Steel, on the other hand, normally coated to be made corrosion-resistant but the cheap stainless steel is often corrosive as the paint quickly flakes off. Make sure you have fishing pliers crafted from top quality stainless steel.

Titanium which is very expensive irons the flaws of stainless steel and aluminum.This is immune to rust, sturdy, and lightweight.

It is also necessary after exposure to saltwater, to wash and dry the pliers. This will hold away rust and decay and guarantee that your set will perform well for a long time.

2- Nose Length

The length of the nose and handle should heavily depend on the location you are going to fish or the type of fish you intend to catch.

For saltwater fishing and for handling large and toothy fish such as snappers and groupers a longer nose length, for instance,a needle-nose length is needed.

The configuration of the nose and the length of the needle-nose pliers makes them able to reach further into the fish during hook removal.

For this reason, anglers choose needle-nose pliers.

In recreational hunting and angling of small fish such as trout and bass, a shorter nose length would suffice.

3- Cutting Options

Pliers offer two choices for cutting

  • line cutters
  • lateral cutters

The perfect pair of fishing pliers should appease both these needs while fishing.

The line cutter is a regular feature. It is normally good enough to cut the fluorocarbon and monofilament sections. It should be faster and stronger to sever braided lines quickly without causing any accidental injury.

For cutting hooks, steel wires, or tougher materials a very powerful side cutter is needed. For side cutters, tungsten carbide is the best material.

Opting for pliers with replaceable cutters is also a good idea, as cutters wear down with time and use.

4- Ergonomics

You’ll find yourself using the set of pliers again and again on a nice fishing day out where you catch plenty of trout.

It is pertinent to have lightweight pliers that may not weigh you down and let your other hand spree to hold fish or other tools.

It is good to have the spring-mounted pliers so that you don’t have to grip them constantly when you push them together or think about prying them back.

Similarly, larger pliers are hard to hold and incredibly difficult to manage. Therefore, go for the one which is light in weight and normal in size.

5- Good Handling

The right pliers should also have ergonomically built handles for ease of usage, and secure non-slip grip.

Slime and lures on your hands while fishing gets your palms damp and slippery and make it hard to grip anything tightly. Therefore, you need pliers with a tight grip to get a better hold of things.

When you are fishing, there is no proper arrangement to wash and dry again and again. This makes you fumble around everything with a loose grip which can be quite frustrating.

Pliers with rubber or padded palm offer tight control allowing you to finish your job without any struggle. Also, check the handle size. It should be neither too large nor too small.

6- Split Ring Tool

The function you use to set up split rings is a split ring tool. Particularly for bass and saltwater anglers, this is a helpful feature. It makes a hook on a lure convenient, secure, and simple to change and replace.

Using this, you may have to revert to opening and mounting split rings with your fingernails. Fishing pliers can split the ring. There are specialized split ring fishing pliers available in the market.

7- Crimper

Another desirable feature to have in your fisherman’s pair of pliers is a crimping tool to make joins, sleeves,and crimp leads. Look for pliers with a crimping notch in the jaws if you need this function.

8- Lanyard

A lanyard and sheath are a great function to have especially when you’re fishing from a yacht. It keeps your pair of pliers attached securely, providing you with easy access whenever you need to use them. They will come in handy when fishing in environments with high water where waves can suddenly pitch the boat.

By now, you must have made up your mind for a couple of pliers reviewed on the list. They are all top-rated by users and are chosen out of a dozen available in the market for your ease. The review will help you get the maximum value for your money by selecting the right fishing pliers.