Shimano Twin Power SW-B Saltwater Fishing Reel

Shimano Twin Power SW-B Saltwater Fishing ReelThere is no point in draining twice as much of your money on Shimano Stella when you can enjoythe similar components at half the price in the solid saltwater spinning reel, Shimano Twin Power.

It’s not only budget-friendly high-quality spinning reel but also durable. If you take care of it, it will last you for the remainder of your fishing career.

After appearingonly in 1970, Shimano took no time to rise to rule the fishing industry, manufacturing nowa varied range of quality fishing gear ranging from fishing rods to reels and all the way down to lures.

Primarily aimed at catching the enormous inshore creatures like large Snook, Jacks, Dolphins and Tuna, the Shimano Twin Power SW cranks smoothly with its powerful large drag.

Manufactured with Hagane body construction, Shimano Twin Power SW-B shares features such as X-Rigid Rotor, X-Tough Drag, Gear, Bail, X-Tough Drag, and Handle technology with Stella. And for this reason alone, it can fairly be queued with high-end spinning reels.

The Shimano Twin Power SW-B is available in 5 models ranging from a mere 4000 up to a whooping14000 with either a 4.9:1 gear ratio or a 6.2:1 gear ratio.

Technical Specifications

ModelLine Retrieve (in)Mono Cap(lbs/yd)Braid Cap(lbs/yd)Max Drag (lb)Ball BearingsGear RatioWeight (oz)

The models falling in the power bracket of 4000 – 8000 are capable to target a varied range of fish, however, those bracketed under 10,000 – 14, 000 power range become the premier choice for catching enormous fishes, because of their X-Ship and Cross Carbon Drag technology.

All the models are equipped with AR-C Spool and tough drag which make their casting incredibly comfortable and enable them to handle any big fish.

  • Hagane all-metal body
  • Tough Hagane cold-forged gearing
  • X-Rigid Rotor, Bail, Gear, and Handle technology
  • Hard aluminum construction eliminates potential flex
  • X-Ship gear support bearings
  • X-Tough Drag offers smooth power
  • 11+1 S-ARB shielded stainless steel bearings with Super Stopper II
  • Propulsion Line Management System
  • Fluidrive II
  • Aero Wrap II
  • X-Shield/X-Protect System
  • Super Stopper II

Impression and Quality

It gives a smart and sophisticated look. Shimano incorporated X-Ridge technology in its making and used a thick sturdy titanium wire in its bail, due to which it is extremely lightweighted and resistant against corrosion.

It has also helped making the main gear stronger and thicker. Also, this titanium wire contributed to the mass, making the reel more powerful for combatting the big fish in saltwater.

For higher quality provision, Shimano used X-Ridge in its handle too, which is an unusual design surrounded by stainless steel core with its outer shell crafted out of aluminum.

This oversized, rigid handle provides anglers with a feeling that they are in total control of the large fish in their hook, as its cold forged design maximizes its strength by 35 %.

True that it is not as completely sealed as Stella, but the X-Shield system introduced in it places a sequence of gaskets at the points in reel which are considered critical for water penetration.

These gaskets are watertight and can withstand the heavy splash while you come out of your hot fishing point via boat but cannot be labelled as 100 % waterproof.

As for its manufacturing material, it is made with a pure and rigid steel which is basically used in preparation of Japanese style Samurari swords. This doesn’t let the flex come in your reel even after catching gigantic fishes for years.

Its body will remainas strong and intact as it is in the beginning, no matter how much toil you make it do with catching large fishes. It will not flex like other reels of the same price range.


True to its name, Twin Power will amaze you when it comes to performance, thanks to the shape and thick volume of its rotor that renders it high level rigidity which translates into greater power to fight against the big fish.

Indeed, it is born to assist you in your chase of Kingfish, Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna and the big marlins. Equipped with the gear and bearings to handle the big game, Shimano Twin Power gives you optimal performance regardless of how high the drag is set or how big the fish is hooked.

Moreover, its solid mass helps generating more inertia which means comfortable fishing and increased resistance. It can well handle even a monster fish with the wide range of its gear ratios and line capacities.

To work more towards efficiency, Shimano Twin Power has introduced a combination of features, X-Ship. Using this, you can well position the gear closer to the center line of a wider diameter which helps transfer more power from handle to the rotor.

Furthermore, this pinion gear is assisted by dual A-RB roller bearings which imparts better stability of operations by minimizing the twist in gear and deflection in rotor in intensified conditions.

While this may appear to be an unnecessary feature in normal situations, it becomes a direly needed system once you experience the pressure of a gigantic fish at the other end of your line.

Complemented by a Hagane Gear design, Shimano Twin Power SW offers the excellent gear each time you take it out of the mold. These precision-cut gears eliminate the need to cut or trim the teeth for better fitting into the place. Moreover, these essentially forged gears are too stolid and large to have any flaw.

To give stability of operation, Shimano Twin Power SW offers a tough and durable drag system named X-Tough Drag which is especially engineered to exert pressure from the top and bottom of the drag washers so that the amount of pressure may be evenly distributed across a wider surface.


To help increase the casting distance and decrease friction for smoother casting, Shimano incorporated two systems in twin Power- Power Roller line twist reduction and Propulsion Line Management System.

There is yet another system named AeroWrap which is a dual-speed oscillation technique that helps the spool move briskly upward and again backward at a relatively slower speed, this allows fishing line to accumulate on to the spool in a crisscross fashion which plays a major part in the reduction of friction and makes casting butter smooth.


The Hagane precision cold forged gears incorporated in Shimano Twin Power provide an extremely smooth retrieve, especially when it is loaded heavily.

Thanks to Shimano for polishing the main gear separately during the manufacturing process which helps gain a smooth retrieve.Shimano uses a one-way roller bearing that it refers to as the Super Stopper II.

This is a shielded anti-reverse bearing that will allow you to instantly set the hook when required without any back play in the reel.

As mentioned earlier, the gears are designed in 3D CAD machines and are cold forged later, there is no cutting needed. This translates into reduced chances of errors and super smooth quality gears that help the unit retrieve smoothly without any ‘gearing’ sound produced during operations.

  • Silky smooth operations
  • Consists of expensive features of Shimano Stella
  • Excellent drag
  • Nearly waterproof
  • Perfect drag performance
  • Well-built
  • The updated large knob gives a great feel
  • Lightweight, yet strong
  • Not completely sealed as Shimano Stella
  • Expensive than average
  • Squeaks during extra high-speed retrieves


Shimano Twin Power SW-B is a shielded saltwater reel that can be nicely placed in between Shimano Stella and Shimano Saragosa as far as the price is concerned. It can be the best pick for those who want to enjoy the features of Stalla but do not have much to spend on it.

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