Shimano Thunnus 6000 CI4 Best Spinning Reels 2020 Reviews

Introduction to Shimano Thunnus 6000 CI4 Spinning ReelsShimano Thunnus 6000 CI4 Spinning Reels

Shimano is the well-known company for fishing tools and they have been innovative and cutting-edge engineering users in their top class fishing tools.

Shimano ThunnusBaitrunner Reel is the improved or upgraded, sleeker and lighter reel as compared to another spinning reel in the same price.

Shimano has produced the spinning reel which is surprisingly lighter.

The Shimano Thunnus 6000 CI4 Spinning Reel weighs just 18 ounces as well as this reel is some ounces lighter in weight than another bait runner of the same size.

This most versatile spinning reel has carbon drag washers while the drag system is incredibly smooth as well as it is super powerful to stop 30-pounds class stripers.

The quick introduction to Shimano Thunnus 6000 CI4 Spinning Reels

  • It is the super versatile reel and cutting-edge baitcasting spinning reel for artificial lures and baits
  • It is also smoothest reel along with the bait runner dual drag system
  • Shimano has used highest levels of manufacturing quality also the parts are easier to find while this reel is easy to maintain and do not require service for a long time
  • It has lightweight and sturdy Ci4 composite body with the rotor

Highlights of Shimano Thunnus 6000 CI4 Spinning Reels

The manufacturer Shimano has redesigned the famous Thunnus saltwater spinning reel also they replaced the aluminum frame with Ci4 carbon frame in order to decrease the weight.

However, Thunnus were the popular spinning reel among the enthusiast’s anglers or fishermen. The lightweight made it great for boat fishermen although it seems little heavy for those willing to fishing all day long.

The Shimano Thunnus spinning reel is a great crossover reel which also functions great for throwing plugs. The Shimano Thunnus 6000 CI4 Spinning Reels features corrosion-resistant aluminum construction, waterproof drag, right down to the handle, the incredible reel is almost maintenance free for a long time. Therefore users can easily use this reel without any worries also this reel works well in saltwater and freshwater.

Features of Shimano Thunnus 6000 CI4 Spinning Reels

  • Lightweight, durable frame and rotor

The body and rotor of the reel are manufactured from strong but super lightweight Ci4 carbon fiber composite material. This overall makes the reel which is 5oz to 7oz lighter than the previous or original Thunnus models.

Ci4 stands for carbon interfusion while the 4 in this term is used to mention the number of electrons in the carbon atom. Therefore it can say that the Shimano Thunnus 6000 CI4 Spinning Reels has most durable and lightweight frame and rotor.

  • Waterproof drag with Dartainium II cross carbon washers 

Shimano has used their popular Dartanium dual drag system in Thunnus, it is the cross carbon fiber drag system. Moreover, the cross carbon drag is smoothest in the time when the hook is all fixed through the fight.

But the only thing experts recommended that do choose the right size of your specific reel according to your fishing type and requirement, to avoid any issues and problems.

  • Propulsion Line Management System 

The propulsion line management system is the innovative technology innovated and used by Shimano in its great spinning reel line. The high-end technology of Shimano incorporates special rolled lip design on a spool which enables the smoothest flow of line of the spool while casting.

Makers took rigorous tests both with the computer simulation and in the field, the lip design proved great to decrease friction amount caused by the spool lip during casting.

This means you can cast further and there are too fewer chances of both backlashes and wind knots.

  • Paladin Gears

The makers used a blend of hardened brass pinion gear as well as cold forged aluminum drive gear to provide legendary smoothness in this Thunnus Ci4 spinning reel. This perfect combination of two solid materials has shown up great durability than pure stainless steel drivetrain.

  • Super Stopper II 

The Shimano Thunnus 6000 CI4 Spinning Reels is available with the Super Stopper II one-way roller bearing to guarantee that user will get the smoothest hook set.

  • Septon Grips

The Septon grips seem to offer both love and hate relationship for most anglers as they are capable to offer a really great grip at the same time it gets sticky over the time.

  • Six shielded A-RB ball bearings 

Shimano has used 6 of high-quality A-RB corrosion-resistant bearings to deliver super smooth retrieve. The anti-rust bearings are very well shielded on both the sides to reduce the amount of water which can get to the bearings. This means you can use Shimano Thunnus 6000 CI4 Spinning Reels with saltwater without concerning of corrosion or rust.

  • Front & Rear Baitrunner Drag

The Shimano Thunnus 6000 CI4 Spinning Reels also features dual bait runner drag system in order to provide unlimited control over the drag.  Top drag or front drag is well adjusted on the top of the spool whereas the rear drag can be adjusted from the bottom of the reel.

  • Very cost effective
  • It provides high-end smoothness and excellent performance
  • Super lightweight Ci4 frame and rotor
  • Infinite adjustability of dual drag
  • It features super stopper II
  • It features 6 shielded A-RB ball bearings
  • Waterproof drag along with Dartainium II cross carbon washers
  • It has front and lightweight rear bait runner drag
  • It features adjustable handle, left/right retrieve allow left/ right-hand users
  • Too high price
If you need a spinning reel that is lightweight and fishing with live bait or cut then there is not any other option better than the Shimano Thunnus 6000 CI4 Spinning Reels.

This is the versatile bait runner reel that is designed for live lining as well as this is the great spinning reel which really worth your money. This reel last longer due to its heavy-duty material body or frame at the same it is lighter in weight and boat fishermen or anglers all the ease.

If you are looking for efficient, high quality, durable and great bait runner spinning reel as well as if you are not tight on budget then you should consider Shimano Thunnus 6000 CI4 Spinning Reels.

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