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SeaKnight ELF II Baitcasting reel
(Editor’s Choice)
SeaKnight Rapid Saltwater Spinning reel
SeaKnight’s AXE Spinning Reel
SeaKnight’s PH Spinning Reel

1. SeaKnight ELF II Baitcasting Reel- 6oz Super LightSeaKnight ELF II Baitcasting Reel

There was a time when you can get normal fishing rods and easily go for fishing. Not anymore. Things are changing rapidly as technology takes over almost everything that we are using. And fishing rods are no different with different baitcasting reels available.

You can now find various baitcasting reels with different features and specifications that were previously considered to be a dream only. One such baitcasting reel under 100$ that we are going to talk about is the SeaKnight ELF II Baitcasting Reel.

The SeaKnight ELF II baitcasting reel fishing rod has a system of 4 disks fiber drag system that helps in dragging heavy fishes. The power of the drag increases due to the presence of the 4 disks drag system. The drag system helps in dragging 16.5 pounds or approximately 7.5 kg of weight in a single drag.

The speed of the fishing rod is also great with the gear ratio being 6.4:1/7.2/1 with the presence of aero-grade aluminum alloy gears. The presence of aluminum alloy gears helps for a better and smoother rolling that is needed for fishing.

Another great advantage that the SeaKnight ELF II Baitcasting reel has over others is the smoothness that it has and the precision in its gear.

There are a total of 13 ball bearings and 1 rolling bearing present in the baitcasting reel that helps in providing smoother and better performance than many of the other reels in the market.

The weight of the baitcasting reel is about 6 ounces or 168 gram due to the presence of a side plate, carbon fiber frame, and polyporous designed aluminum alloy.

There are dual brakes in this particular baitcasting reel with centrifugal and magnetic brakes present in it. There are 7 dynamic levels of centrifugal brakes and 10 levels of the magnetic brakes.

These brakes help in applying the continuous pressure that is required through the cast. The accurately adjustable button present creates professional power performance as this particular baitcasting reel is used as a tournament fishing reel as well.

It also has an anti-corrosion feature in it with the presence of corrosion resistant gears and steel that gives further smoothness to the baitcasting reel and improve the overall performance while fishing.

Though it is lightweight it has all the features that you need which will help you in getting a better experience while fishing using this baitcasting reel rather than any other baitcasting reel.

Both the brake sets are easy to adjust and you don’t find any difficulty in adjusting them to control your speed and accuracy.

  • High speed
  • Powerful drag
  • Dual brake system
  • Slip of spool
  • Loosening of drag
The SeaKnight ELF II baitcasting reel has quite a few features that are difficult to get in the price range it is offered. Available at $50, this particular product is a must buy if you have a lot of fishing trips coming up soon.



2. SeaKnight Rapid Saltwater Spinning ReelSeaKnight Rapid SaltwaterSeaKnight Rapid Saltwater Spinning Reel Spinning Reel

Another fishing reel that is quite handy for people going to fishing is another SeaKnight product and its none other than Rapid Saltwater spinning reel.

As you can understand from the name itself, this particular spinning reel is handy during fishing in the salty water.

There are quite a few spinning reels that are only made to function in the fresh water as they might get damaged if placed in salty water. But this particular product from SeaKnight is different from the lot.

Deep sea fishing is a great adventure but for that, you need to have the proper equipment as well. You need to have fishing reels that have great power and great drag huge amounts in one go.

Similarly, you need to have a spinning reel that is anti-corrosive of sea water due to the presence of salt in it. and this particular product has all the answers for you as it is anti-corrosive to saltwater with a maximum drag of 15 kg in one go. This helps in taking out big fishes from the deep sea without any issues.

The heavyweight drags of about 15 kg possible due to the presence of carbon fiber drag system, stainless ball bearing, and an enhanced thicker main shaft. All these things provide the massive drag that is needed to pull out a fish from the deep sea.

There is a special design of aluminum spool along with the rotor structure which helps in the prevention of water and sand from damaging the reel. This particular model has turned out to be quite a successful one for deep sea fishing as it has all the features to help you survive there.

The rapid saltwater spinning reel works smoothly due to the presence of 10+1 stainless ball bearings alongside the advanced technology that is used to manufacture it.

The technology used in the spinning reel includes testing of anti-corrosion coating with corrosively being tested for more than 72 hours in water. This is more than what the majority of the people spend while fishing in the deep sea.

The lightweight design of the spinning wheel also makes it a major success amongst people as it is easy to carry.

The oscillation system present in the spinning reel also helps to make the line in a uniform pattern so that the friction can be reduced for getting longer casts.

This particular feature comes in handy when you are about to go fishing in saltwater or for fishing in the deep sea for a longer period of time. the EVA knob also creates easy to handle operations with the size of the knob varying with the size of the reel.

  • Anti-water and anti-dust spool
  • For saltwater as well
  • Strong power drag
  • The shaft is a bit loose
  • No spare spool
The SeaKnight Rapid Saltwater spinning reel is probably the best product that the company has come up and that too with a reasonable price. It’s a must buy a tool for those who are constantly going fishing in the deep sea or salty water.



3. SeaKnight AXE Spinning Reel 6.2:1 SeaKnight AXE Spinning Reel

While there are some spinning reels that are best for freshwater fishing while others are best for saltwater fishing. But what if you can get the flavor of both these combination in a single spinning reel, won’t it be a win-win combination for everyone?

This is exactly what SeaKnight’s AXE spinning reel will provide you as it can have an impact while fishing in freshwater as well as in saltwater. Thus you don’t have to get two spinning reels for two different types of fishing now.

The AXE spinning reel has a full metal fishing reel that is combined with an angler and fishing design suggestion. This particular spinning reel provides the best fishing experience to the anglers keeping in mind the weight, power, material, and ball bearing.

In order to get improved performance out of this particular spinning reel, there are different types of ball bearings installed in it. there are 9 high-performance ball bearings alongside 1 NMB Japanese stainless steel ball bearing. There is also an anti-reverse ball bearing in this spinning reel.

All these ball bearing present in the AXE spinning reel provide the smoothness and power that you are looking out for in any fishing reel.

In order to increase the longer useful life of the spinning reel, there is anti-salt and anti-dust designs that enhance the corrosion resistance of this particular spinning reel.

The maximum drag limit of this reel is about 20 pounds or 9 kg. the drag limit of this spinning reel is a bit on the lower side as compared to some of the other spinning reels that are available in the market.

The gear ratio of the AXE is about 6.2:1 that helps in good performance and control while fishing. The gear ratio is superior in any fishing situation that you may encounter in your experiences.

As there is sealed protection in AXE, there is longer life for the spinning reel as it prevents the water and dust due to the existence of added rubber washers. The package for the AXE includes a spinning reel alongside fishing reel bag and an original box. Thus there are many things in a single price for the customer.

  • Full metal body
  • Sealed protection
  • Brass drive gear
  • Drag power is low
  • The reel is not smooth
The biggest advantage of this particular spinning reel is that it can work in both saltwater and freshwater. But the thing is that its price is an on a higher side, with drag power of only 9 kg. You can look out for other options if you are looking for better drag power. If not this is the best choice for you.



4. SeaKnight PH Spinning Reel Metal Body SeaKnight PH Spinning Reel

Another SeaKnight product that is currently getting a lot of attention is the PH Spinning reel that comes in a metal body.

This particular spinning reel comes with an aero-aluminum body with a carbon fiber rotor fitted in it. This feature gives it the strength that it needs for a better drag and at the same time also reduces the weight of the spinning reel so that you don’t find it difficult to carry around.

As the weight is reduced due, the rotor design and hollowed spool allow angler fishers to do fishing for a longer period of time.

this particular feature is missing out on quite a few spinning reels as there is nothing much for angler fishers, but PH Spinning has the best deal for angler fisher with long fishing experiences. These long fishing experiences also give less fatigue to the angle fishers due to hollowed spool and rotor design.

The gear ratio of this particular spinning real is 6.2:1  with the aluminum drive gear giving the stable performance that is needed while fishing.

The gear ratio also helps for better wide water searching while fishing. There are different bearings in the spinning reel that include 8 sealed ball bearings, 1 professional NMB bearing, 1 anti-reverse needle bearing, and 1 stainless steel bearing. All these bearings help in enhancing the performance of the spinning reel overall.

The perfect angles and power give a better fishing experience to the fishers as compared to the experiences of other spinning reels.

The maximum drag power of this particular spinning reel is approximately 18 pounds that is a bit on the lower side. However, the other added features that this particular design is offering should off-set the low drag power of the spinning reel.

For longer reel life, there is sealed aluminum spool construction which helps in preventing water and salt and gives the reel a long life.

Often you get big fishes in your reel but they may just get out of hands as you reel could not fight it. that won’t is the case with this spinning reel.

There is a dual bearing system installed in the best spinning reel which cuts down the shaking between the parts and shaft and allows you to carry on with your fight with the big fish. Hence you are not going to lose out on big fishes now.

  • Carbon drag system
  • Dual braking system
  • Aluminum alloy body
  • Low drag power
  • Price on a higher side
The thing about this particular spinning reel is that you can use it but you just are paying something extra that you can pay for any other reel and get extra drag power. Hence if you need that you should not go for this one.