SeaKnight PH Spinning Saltwater Fishing Reel Review

Introduction to SeaKnight PH Spinning ReelSeaKnight PH Spinning Reel Metal Body Carbon Rotor

Seaknight is the known brand for producing highest quality gear in the fishing industry. By using adequate experience, advanced technologies and premium grade craftsmanship, SeaKnighthas developed and produced most attractive and sleek look, PH Spinning Reel.

The SeaKnight PH Spinning Reel is another tool have gained immense commendation and attention in the entire market.

This fishing reel comes in a premium metal body in order to reduce weight and provide great strength.

Use of aero-aluminum alloy to manufacture body of the SeaKnight PH Spinning Reel not only makes it durable and lightweight but classy as well.

Its excellent drag system and carbon fiber rotor along with sealed aluminum spool construction, are the superb highlights and features makes this fishing more stable, lightweight, smoother, longer lasting and better performer.

The SeaKnight PH Spinning Reel is the superlative gear offering best combo of stability, smoothness, power, and weight which on the whole enable all angler or fishermen to have better fishing experience. Additionally, the availability of two models with the variety of weight, max drag, and gear ratio also make Phantom spinning reel the best selection for all. The SeaKnight PH Spinning Reel series comes in two model currently like PH2000 and PH3000.

The PH2000 edition featuring 233g of weight although it configured 6kg of max drag. Besides both of the Phantom models provide a similar gear ratio of 6:2:1 but differ in weight as 260g of PH3000 while it features average max drag of 8kg.

Highlights of SeaKnight PH Spinning Reel Review

In case you are on low budget and need a high quality and lightweight spinning reel which is better for freshwater and saltwater fishing then you should consider SeaKnight PH Spinning Reel first.  Phantom spinning fishing reel by sea knight is an upgraded reel series with several high-end and advanced technology moderation.

All such changes increase the quality, performance, and weight of the reel. Phantom reels have excellent gear ration helps for finest wide water searching during your fishing. Also, it has different and high performance and premium ball bearings which encourage in increasing the performance of fishing reel entirely.


Proper angle and perfect power of the reel provide a better fishing experience to all users. The SeaKnight PH Spinning Reel has fitted with a dual bearing system that cut down the shaking between the shaft and parts. Also, this feature enables users to carry on their fight with the large fish. It is the ideal spinning fishing reel for almost all species.

Let us find cutting-edge and advanced technology features of SeaKnight PH Spinning Reel, some of these are given below:

  • Aluminum Alloy Body

The bigger fish required great power, therefore, a good reel should be stable, tough and smooth. This is the same case with SeaKnight PH Spinning Reel as its aluminum alloy body and other lighter but strong components allow better fishing experience.

  • Sealed Protection

The Phantom’s sealed aluminum spool construction act well in preventing water and dust and make the reel perform well with longer work life. The Phantom spinning reel is better to use for freshwater and saltwater fishing.

For longer life, users should clean it just after the contact with saltwater fishing

  • NMB Ball Bearing

The phantom fishing has famous, high quality and imported NMB ball bearing fitted in the rotor to decrease the friction as well as improve casting distance.

  • Carbon Drag System

Phantom fishing reel also featured premium grade carbon fiber plate to provide stability and great control with max drag power.

  • Carbon Rotor

In order to reduce the SeaKnight PH Spinning Reel’s weight and for boosting its strength, this time Phantom rejects the plastic or traditional metal rotors and upgrade it into carbon fiber rotor. Carbon fiber rotor perfectly keeps the balance of weight and strength.

  • Very cost effective and low price
  • Highest quality, premium grade built and offer super smooth performance
  • Best, stylish and durable sealed aluminum frame construction
  • It has in total 11 high performance sealed ball bearings, along with 8 premium sealed bearings it has 1 NMB imported stainless steel ball bearings, one stainless ball bearing and one stainless instant anti-Reverse needle bearing.
  • It features super light aircraft aluminum CNC spool
  • It also configured open aluminum rotor
  • Also featuring compute designed a balanced system
  • Anti-Rust Driver Gear, slide and Oscillation Gear is also the part of the reel
  • Its carbon fiber break system offers smooth yet powerful performance
  • It is better to use for saltwater and freshwater fishing
  • It provides low drag power
Seaknight has produced another best-rated fishing reel SeaKnight PH Spinning Reel, it is nowadays most attractive and recognized gear gaining popularity in the fishing industry.

The reason why it is highly recognized and attractive seaknight spinning reel throughout the industry is its top production technology, cutting-edge and commendable components along with pocket-friendly pricing.

The spinning reel house well with an aero-aluminum body, as well as a carbon fiber rotor, is best fitted in. All its top-class features provide it smoothness and strength which are not just highly required for better drag but it reduces the weight of the fishing reel so that the users will not feel difficulty to carry the reel for a longer time.

This Phantom spinning reel by seaknight is the ultra-lightweight reel due to hollow spool and rotor design which enable anglers or fishermen to fish all day long without fatigue.

The SeaKnight PH Spinning Reel is a great deal for fishermen and anglers required spinning reel for the longer fishing experience.  If fishing is your passion, love or need, SeaKnight PH Spinning Reel is the ideal reel for you in any way, as it supports all fishing types and environment.


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