Review: Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel

Introduction to Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder ReelReview: Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel

 Okuma is the brand known for producing high-quality fishing equipment like spinning fishing reel and rods.

The manufacturer produces tools for both fresher and novice and they never forget to pay extreme attention to smoothness, ease of use and quality.

Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel is the top-notch production of well-known Okuma and includes all cutting-edge features and factors in the most affordable price range.

Excellent design, as well as legendary features, are the brief introduction of the Okuma Avenger ABF spinning reel.

This fishing reel is perfect for both marina environment along with freshwater, while this is the superb ideal reel which offers smooth fishing with any type of environment.

This spinning reel is made to handle heavy line with huge and small fish.

The Okuma Avenger ABF built to offer ease of use, smoothest and convenient fishing. Similarly, the primary uses of this fishing reel are spinning reels, casting reels, trolling reels, surf fishing reels, saltwater reels, fly fishing reels, bait casting reels, line counter reels as well as ice fishing reels.

The Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel is the best but great choice for all anglers throughout the world.

Highlights of Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel

The Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel by the known maker has the substantial achievement which is well resulted after a decade of research as well as development.

This reel provides an incredible precision and smoothness, all because of an exclusive blend of the tournament grade spinning reel, along with Okuma’s original live line bait feeding system which positioning a spin on the traditional fishing reels’ world.

Okuma has a long history and it is recognized to bring various benefits and ease to anglers or fishermen particularly, there features like six sealed ball bearings, lightweight CNC machined spools and live bait feeding system are the most highlighted features.

As this reel has not only these features incorporated, as there are a lot more which make any angler fall in love with.

Let’s find most promising and exceptional features of Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel:

  • Reel Body and Frame:

High-quality corrosion free graphite is used to manufacture body or frame of the Okuma Avenger ABF Fishing Reel.  It provides ultimate strength to catch and pull up small and huge fisher even from saltwater and freshwater.

·         Lightweight Spool

While the lighter spool of the Avenger reel make it work appropriately and properly. Also the spool is well-fitted in reel along with super smoothness oil-soaked felt washer.

Although the primary use of the spool provide maximum consistency and fluidity. Additionally, oil-soaked washers which are fitted with spool make sure the reel works without irritating noise

  • Drag System

At the time when customers buying spinning reel, there is an utmost important factor which needs to consider and that is drag system of the specific spinning reel.

The drag system of the reel supposed to put on pressure on the hooked fish as well as letting out the line at the time of effort. Without a quality drag system you cannot enjoy successful fishing.

The Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel has featured multi-disk drag system with the powerful oiled felt drag washers.

In this way, the spinning reel can pull the hooked fish with double power and incredible strength.  This reel has the most efficient drag system which is much better than other reels which are in the same price range.

·         Live Bait Feeding System

The smart, bold and efficient reel is one of the few reels in the market which featured live bait feeding system. This feature is not just useful for anglers but offers great benefits to them.

This reel type does not limit or stop the line running. While the easy to reach lever on the body and the handle behind can be flipped over to extricate the spool of Okuma Avenger ABF Fishing Reel

  • Ball Bearings

Okuma Avenger ABF reel also featured another wonderful feature that is the most fundamental factor of any spinning reel, is ball bearings. The brushings or the ball bearings are placed in the body for support, smoothness, and stability of the spinning reel.

There are various spinning reels incorporate roller bearings with the counter line. To get great performance from the spinning reel, a great number of ball bearings the crucial factor.

Now check what our reel has? The Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Spinning Reel has featured 1 quick set anti-reverse roller bearing along with 6 stainless steel ball bearings. This makes the spinning reel perfect safe and sturdy to hit the water in the utmost smoothest way.

  • Reel gear ratio

Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel has around 6 models with the rear drag gear ratio variety of 5.0:1 and 4:5:1. The rear drag gear ratio of 5:0:1 of the spinning reel makes it a highly efficient spinning reel. The efficiency of the spinning reel mostly depends on the max gear ratio which altogether makes reel top-notch.


·         Corrosion Resistant Graphite Body

Spinning reel has to in contact with water mostly saltwater and moist, in this condition corrosion is the bitter fact. This reel has the perfect mechanism, body, and design that ensure anglers to use reel in any condition without worries. This spinning reel will not let you experience corrosion even after a long time.

  • Affordable price
  • Smoothest performance
  • Best reel to fish small and huge fish
  • Very light in weight
  • Durable and anti-corrosion build
  • Best for saltwater fishing
  • Perfect for beginners, kids and women use due to lightweight
  • A few users complaint about breakage due to max drag in few models, to always choose a credible dealer
It is a good idea for all beginners to have an efficient, smoother, durable and lighter reel and the reel that fits best is Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait, Feeder Reel. An incredible high-tech reel has entire advanced features which make it good spinning reel in most budget-friendly price.

The smart production of Okuma, Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel can best work for both freshwaters as well as saltwater fishing.

Also, this spinning reel offers a great chance to both experienced and fresher anglers can easily fishing large and small fish without extra effort. An essential avenger spinning reel also offers the best opportunity to those who want to chase or catch cunning fish in the long journey.

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