ReelSonar Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder

ReelSonar Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish FinderGone are the days when the anglers used to grope in the dark for hours and days to navigate the kind of fish they wanted to catch!

With the smart tool called fish finder, fishing is made a doubly exciting adventure. The fish finder, we are going to review here is a standout among the lot available in the market as it has an advanced feature of using Bluetooth for the purpose.

Using this, you can well connect your fishfinder to the mobile device which you usually have with you all the time.

And then comes the real fun of regulating your device distantly using the application installed on your iOS or Android device.

Sounds incredible!

But yes, the Smart FishFinderReelSonar Wireless Bluetooth indeeddisplays all the fish-finding data on your mobile phone, utilizing the new Sonar and mobile technologies. Its castable system gets synced with your phone kept up to 100 feet away by making use of its 118kHz sonar frequency.

Highlighted Features

The following are the main features of the ReelSonariBobber Wireless Bluetooth Fishfinder

  • Clear Fish Display

Due to the support of its accurate Sonar ranging, the ReelSonariBobber Wireless Bluetooth Fishfinder demonstrates a luminous display of the available fishes on its screen. You can easily rely on it and discover the fish you want. Its powerful sonar and clear screen don’t let any panfish, salmon, Muskie, Pike, trout, or other large or smallmouth fish miss.

The screen is clear down to the bottom as deep as 41 m.

Its display is not soo large, it is rather minimalistic but the more you use it the more you would praise the clarity and the simplicity it has to display the icons of fish, the sizes, and the structures with the images that represent the contours at the river bed.

It also tells you the depth of the fish from the surface and allows you to switch between the raw data sonar and the fish tagging view, depending on your ease.

Moreover, it also displays the data about lunar or tide, information about the Sun, and the weather.

The best part of this display is that it keeps a log of your fishing trips, with a detailed record of the then weather conditions, water temperature, date, time, exact location, and the kind of fishes shown and caught.

  • ReelSonar iBobber for android and iOS

Moreover, with ReelSonariBobber Wireless Bluetooth Fishfinderyou can synchronize the unit to the unpaid applications by utilizing its Bluetooth Smart feature. These installed features help increase the capability of the device to formulate an easy-to-eyes display of the marine life on the display. With this application, you can effortlessly keep a log of water temperatures, pictures of fishes clicked during your trip, the depth, the dark spots, and the map.

  • Connectivity

As for connectivity, the ReelSonariBobbercan be effectively connected to the iPhone 4S, 5, and 6 series, Android phones, iPad, and Android tablets using its Bluetooth Smart connectivity.

The good news is that it has a pretty extended battery time as compared to traditional Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Additionally, this device has a USB charging option and you can charge it with any powerbank you take along with you. And you can carry.

Due to its being light in weight, it can easily nestle in the charging stand when waiting, and the LED ring between the red and while hemispheres illuminates emitting golden light.

Another fascinating aspect is that whether you are using a phone or tablet equipped with GPS, the iBobber software can even fetch and store GPS info. This makes it extremely flexible compared to other fish finders, particularly when testing those which are less than $100.

  • Convenience and Comfort

Regardless of where you are going to cast your fishing line, you can find your target fishes more easily and quickly with the iBobber.

As mentioned above, this unit id highly portable and truly boasts of being the lightest in the market, it allows you to cast up to 31 m and locate the habitats and favorite gathering spots of groups of fish, the ledges and the structures where the gigantic ones hide from the expert anglers.

What’s more, this device can be a great addition to your bucket especially if you are going to fish at docks or piers. All you need to do is to cast out a footprint of the water bed and save the GPS location later. As soon as the fish gathers under the docks and the pier, it sends out signals indicating that the fish is biting the bait.

Some fishermen say it’s not useful to use the fish finder while you go kayaking. However, the iBobber helps you to move outside the hull and requires no permanent deployment.

  • Portability

The iBobber is, as the name implies, portable, famed for its no noise and fidgeting cords. That means you can attach it through Bluetooth to your tablet or smartphone.

This device utilizes proprietary sonar technologies capable of screening up to 41 m in both salt and freshwater.

Moreover, its globe sensor which is of the size of a ball is laced with LED lights so that you can use it for ice and night fishing.

With a weight of 55 g, the iBobbertots to be the smallest and lightest fish finder. And that device is measured at 7.6 cm in width.

The features like the GPS Tag and Trip Log help save your favorite spots and share them with friends.

To the downside, a few consumers complained about the accuracy of data it provides and reports that it provides erroneous data at times.

Secondly, it is said to lose sync with the mobile device. A few users have reported the same issue happening after every fourth or fifth cast. However, a simple process of reeling in again and recasting fixes the issue.

  • Highly compact
  • Easy to use
  • Long battery life
  • Incorporates sonar technology
  • Can be used both in salt and freshwater
  • Comes with LED indicating lights on its sensor
  • Can be connected to a free application compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Clear display
  • Fish and strike alarm make the device visible even in the dark
  • The package includes the iBobberfishfinder, a USB and an AC charger, the instruction manual, and a pouch for an easy commute.
  • Relatively weaker range
  • Can’t be relied upon during active fishing occasions
  • Prone to mistake depth
The ReelSonariBobber Wireless Bluetoothas a whole is a hand-friendly tool. Despite bearing as light as 55g of weight, it can determine the location of the fish which might be heavier. And its compact scale is suitable for fishing environments like camping, canoeing, or kayaking.

In case you like a night or ice fishing, don’t hesitate to go for this fish finder as it has Lead and fish alarms mounted to warn you. That means it can detect the location of the fish deep within the water currents, irrespective of the depth average.

Thanks to its excellent manufacturing and advanced features this unit decreases your effort. Besides, you’ll surely enjoy catching fish down the water (around 41 m deep). The built-in fish alarm, moreover, helps you to easily view the fish image.

After the ReelSonariBobber analysis is done, we think you will be opting for this product because it will become your best fishing buddy. Of course, fantastic functioning is guaranteed so that you can find as you would expect a bunch of fish.

Castable Fishfinder tools are suitable for fishing at sea, kayaking, or ice. One of the strongest castable I have seen is the ReelSonariBobber Handheld Sonar FishFinder. The machine is user friendly for all forms of fishermen, from the ease of casting to the ease of reading the show. Its price allows it available, too.

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