Review: Okuma Ceymar Lightweight Spinning Reel

Introduction to Okuma Ceymar Lightweight Spinning ReelOkuma Ceymar Lightweight Spinning Reel

The Ceymar Lightweight Spinning Reel is the spinning fishing reel produced by Okuma. Okuma has been known for their great fishing equipment line.

For ultimate fishing quality products, Okuma fishing tackle is the credible option, as they have objective and are ready to fulfill customer’s need with more ease, smooth and quality products. The manufacturers always first think about anglers and fishermen.

The best result of their determination, technology, and commitment to high-quality products, is non-other than the OkumaCeymar Lightweight Spinning Reel.

The Ceymar spinning reel by Okuma is the lighter reel made specifically for anglers who are enthusiasts for freshwater fishing.

The graphite composition rotor, frame or body as well as lengthy skeletonized spool this Okumaceymar is the greatest choice about freshwater species, an angler might target.

The highlight of Okuma Ceymar Lightweight Spinning Reel

Ceymar is bargain spinning reel which is a top quality fishing gear, and it’s a must try fishing reel for you on your next fishing experience.

The sleek, bold and sturdy design, as well as smooth performance of ceymar spinning reel, offer an incredible fishing experience to all fishermen and anglers.

It is constructed with various high-end features like fluid 8-bearing drive system and Okuma precision elliptical gearing, this utmost and cutting-edge quality reel provides a full line-up with updated performance features.

This fishing reel comes along solidly machined aluminum spool which makes a base of strength for braided fishing lines and monofilament. Additionally, the cutting-edge features such as oversized line roller and heavy-duty solid aluminum bail wire represent utmost performance for the long-term period.

  • Durability

The efficiency and performance of any spinning fishing reel can be better considered by construction material which is also light in weight to offer ease of use.

This is the same situation with Okuma Ceymar Lightweight Spinning Reel, as the graphite body and rotor are highly durable and lighter in weight.

While a machined aluminum spool, heavy-duty solid aluminum bail wire as well as forge aluminum handle arm, hence all the parts incorporated in the reel are the strong foundation as well as offer top-notch performance.

Also, the comfy EVA foam crank handle of the spinning reel is still integrated without signs of deforming or shredding. Also as expected to top class reel, the aluminum spool endure in its original condition even after using braid as well as it does not show any sign of wear earlier.

  • Helical

Okuma has a big history of creating a silent-retrieve big game fishing reel, this is the same goes with Ceymar, as they categorically used helical-cut gears for this purpose.

The spiral cut gears in the reel have more teeth get together at any required time in order to increase load ability. Okuma started constructed the spinning fishing reels with the same idea and build the rest of the reel related to the advanced mechanism.

Whereas in some cases gears can overpower the parts of the reel and do not let the reel work properly, but with Ceymar the situation is opposite, as gears empower other parts.

  • Cyclonic airflow rotor     

Do you know CFR? Cyclone Flow Rotor is the premium and prestigious technology used by Okuma is this spinning fishing reel. Angler will have cyclone airflow whirling inside the reel, the airflow moves around the rotor in the reel to keep things dry for longer.

With too wet reel the first thing bad occurs is corrosion, after this, the reel functioning gets slower down sometime it may even stop functioning.

The CFR technology prevents the reel from moisture and keeps the parts of the reel lighter and smoother, all the parts of the reel stay dry, stronger and thus parts work efficiently.

  • Reliability

This reel has performed or used in some heavy location some of which are some dense vegetative regions and clear lake free of vegetation.

Also, the has been in contact with dirt, dust, dirty water and swamp grime a few time, but despite all this spinning reel worked as smooth as it has been acclaimed. It is the super smoothest reel from the day one after gone through the harsh dirt and dirty water, without any kind of service.

The drag system of the Okuma Ceymaris smoothest, strong, and supremely capable of holding up in the big surges of huge catfish and violent bass as well.

Moreover, the drag dial has carried good audible click option for adjusting drag minute on the fly.  Along with the audible click, the bail wire opens and closes so smoothly and remains in perfect condition.

  • Easy to use

 The Okuma Ceymar Lightweight Spinning Reel works much better than any other reel. It is simpler to use and easy to handle, simply open bail, cast the lure then close the bail and you are all set.

The feature really makes it stand out in the competition is, its the smoothest feeling when working and most solid build of the reel.

Additionally, the anti-reverse function exceptionally well without playing in the rotor and spinning reel is more refined at the same time.

  • Reasonable rates
  • Highest performance
  • Sleek and stealthy design
  • Durable and most reliable reel
  • Smooth drag and excellent casting
  • It featured silkier rewind and easy to adjust brake
  • It comes with spare spool
  • It features computer balanced rotor equalizing system
  • Best for trout, bass, catfish, stripers, salmon, tuna, and even marlin
  • Quick-Set anti-reverse roller bearing
  • Multi-disc, oil felt drag system
  • Anti-Corrosion graphite body
  • Lightweight EVA handle knobs
  • Precision elliptical gearing system
  • It comes with one year warranty
  • It is small in size
  • It is a bit tricky to use (according to some users)
With all high-tech features and most valued technologies along with high-end durability, the Okuma Ceymar lightweight spinning fishing is one of the best-rated reels in the market.

This fishing reel has all factors and features which makes it a great option for fresher and even for experience or moderated experienced holders in fishing.

This reel is well designed to ensure durability as well as its optimal performance help angler to catch big fish in fresh water. This fishing reel does not only offer reliability, smoothness, and high-end performance but its highlighted most feature is pocket-friendly rates.

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