Okuma Cold Water Line Counter Trolling Reel

Okuma Cold Water Line Counter Trolling ReelOverview

The Okuma Cold Water is built for walleye, trout, and steelhead trolling. This includes brass pinion gears and a Carbonite drag mechanism. Okuma’s reels often have a hydraulic stabilization mechanism that ensures long-term longevity. This is designed with a system of brass self-lubricating gears.

The Okuma is constructed from machined aluminum and has a wide-level wind system built to match heavier copper and lead lines. The cold-water monitor is simple to understand and is a detailed manual indicator.

The Okuma Line Counter Reels design has weather-resistant side plates and frame. The Okuma Cold Water series is equipped with a wide-mouth-level titanium-coated stream, tightening aluminum star drag, an aluminum spool engaging throttle, a polished aluminum control lever, and a machined aluminum spool incorporating a firm grip which is customizable.

This Line Counter Reels often incorporates layer formation of excellent quality such as; heavy-duty brass cutting machine gears, a complete Carbonite drag mechanism, and a double anti-reverse mechanism.

With its MMS (Okuma Mechanical Stabilization System), this reel works with a one-piece holding plate which makes sure that the blades and the other material remain stable for a long time and the central components are kept steady in position.

The big change of this Line Counter is a lower right-hand reset button that almost prevents unnecessary and errant reset of the line counter. The underlying analysis of Okuma Line Counter Reels should help you find entirely flexible ways to change the button.

The second big update of Okuma’s is two levels with Clear View Technology (CVT) anti-fogging. For anti-fogging action, the inside of the line counter window should be dried. All these characteristics help Okuma get a top position in the lists of best trolling reels.

This is also ideal for mining coastal saltwater. The Cold Water is accessible in grab left- which right-handed, which comes with a one-year limited warranty.

  • Great spool of machined aluminum
  • Okuma’s limitless one-way, anti-reverse bearing “Quickset”
  • Precision cut, brass heavy-duty gearing
  • Frame and side-plates immune to corrosion
  • Wind stage, coated with titanium
  • overly large, super smooth, Carbonite multidisc drag system
  • Ergonomic aluminum polished power lever with a huge, convenient handle
  • Line counter measuring line in feet
  • The bulky star drag system
  • Line clicker

Feature Description

1. Multi-disc Carbonite Drag System

The reel is light in weight and its sleek design makes it flexible to hold it conveniently for a long time, without getting your hand muscles exhausted. The last thing you like is a burly reel on your pole if you’re going to hang out on the beach for the entire day.

Each component of this reel ensures longevity and the brass used on the device holds carbonate gears and drag system which is quite convenient to handle while fishing.

2. Ergonomic Hook Handle Knobs

Such reels’ lightweight construction allows it easy to carry for long periods. The last thing you need is a heavy reel on your pole if you’re inclined to sit out on the water.

Every portion of this loop offers longevity, as does the brass rig carrying carbonate drag mechanism and gears. A strong reel on your fishing rod is also handy anytime you need to sit on the water when fishing.

3. Ball Bearings

The ball bearing has a pivotal place when it comes to reel. This consists of 2BB + 1RB which means Okuma Cold Water Line Counter needs to carry one roller bearing and two ball bearings.It is better to prefer the stainless-steel bearings to the protecting liner as they are tested to be smoother to control and more durable.

4. Drag System

The drag mechanism is a significant thing to remember when buying the Line Counter Reel. The drag exerts a force on the already hooked fish and is responsible to bring out the particular space while combatting with gigantic with the fish.

The multi-disk and Carbonite dragmechanism allows an impressive reel for the Okuma. This also retains the drag space for ratcheting for specific drag settings.

5. Line Capacity

Line capacity in a reel that has a custom configuration is an important feature to search for. The first big update to Okuma’s is a lower reset button which avoids unnecessary reset from the Line Counter.

The second aspect is that it has two Direct View Technology (CVT) anti-fogging levels. The inside area of the line counter window is dried with a few anti-fogging steps.

  • Excellent spool of machined aluminum
  • Heavy-duty Brass devices
  • Weatherproof frame and side-panels
  • Level wind coated with titanium
  • Excessively large, flat, Carbonite multidisc drag network
  • The handle fits in well
  • Aluminum ergonomic power handle with a comfortable knob
  • The Okuma has a drag-system of high quality.
  • The counter show is easy to understand and is fogging prone.
  • The clicker can be a little bit frustrating due to being noisy.
  • Troubles with dragging the reel with some diving rigs have been identified.
  • The heavy drag doesn’t suit smaller species as well.


Final Thought
With broader animals, the Okuma Cold Water is a good reel with deeper freshwater trolling. This has a greatly reputed for its endurance and line monitoringand is quite convenient to use. For catching walleye and other big fish, the Cold Water has considerable line ability.

Moreover, it has portable side-plates and frame immune to corrosion and contains a strong rachet star drag, heavy-duty brass pinion gears, dual anti-reverse system, and full Carbonite drag system.

Its Mechanical Stabilization System delivers superior longevity and keeps shafts and gears in close alignment.

The Okuma Cold Water Line Counter Reels is, therefore, a good choice thanks to its durability, smooth drag, and lightweight nature, out of the varied fishing reels available on the market. It proves itself to be a great value for your money and maybe the best baitcasting reel you wish for a fun and peaceful marine experience.
Alternatively, if this isn’t for you, please check out the Okuma Avenger

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