KastKing Mela II Spinning Reel – Light, Smooth Spinning Fishing Reel

Introduction to KastKing Mela II Fishing Spinning ReelKastKing Kodiak Saltwater Fishing Reel - 39.5 LB Carbon Fiber Drag, All Aluminum, 10 + 1 BB Fishing Reel.

The most popular makers, KastKing has been known for their high-quality spinning fishing reels in the fishing reel market. They always take a hard step to bring something mesmerizing and high-end which also provide highest smother performance.

In the last couple of years, the manufacturer had invested effort, time and dedication to create new innovative mechanisms which may significantly improvise and progress the reel’s performance.

The KastKingMela II Spinning Reel is the most advanced and upgraded edition of KastKingMela Spinning Reel, in which manufacturers have fitted excellent valued inner parts, modern technology mechanism as well as superlative features.

Mela II spinning fishing reel is super powerful, smooth, light as well as it comes with a spare spool which is free. Unlike other brands that charged their fame and therefore charge premium rates but the manufacturer, KastKingcut-price to offer more value back to all their customers.

The Mela II comes in 4 models which are 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000, all the edition has excellent similar gear ratio 5:2:1, while these vary with weight and max drag.

This feature or opportunity by KastKingallows anglers or fishermen to choose the right model according to their need or fishing type.

Highlights ofKastKingMela II Spinning Fishing Reel reviews

The Mela II has superb stylish and sleek black looks that are eye-catching because the style is cool and advanced. The performance and features of KasyKingMela II are damn highly impressive than the design and looks, as the honeycomb machine cut spool is amazingly strong and light in weight.

The new drag knob of Mela II is also impressive while the entire spinning fishing is easier to operate along with drag knob and overall these provide smoother fishing experience.

This excellent yet advanced fishing reel also offer free, spare graphite spool, this spare spool is in the design of aluminum made honeycomb version, therefore anglers can choose their excellent alternative or original one.

This KastKingMela II Spinning Fishing Reel has outclassed all other fishing reels with its strong design, bold looks, high-quality performance, great value and the most important affordable price.

This exceptional fishing reel is definitely the fit choice for those who want a superlative, smooth performer in even saltwater and freshwater.

Exceptional features of KastKing Mela II Spinning Fishing Reel

  •     Durable Construction

As its name mention Mela II, ‘mel’ is the Latin word which means honey, similarly, the highest durability factor of KastKingMela II Spinning Reel is its name. Confused? Let us explain it, its name inspiring the light and strong honeycomb spool.

While the spool itself manufactured from aerospace-grade aluminum for an ultimate strength although the holes of honeycomb make it a very light spool.

The blend of such technologies provides overall best spool which is not just solid enough but less fatigue for users. Basically, the honeycombing is the excellent performance booster without being any type of interruption.

Mela II not just has stainless steel main shaft which is the only smoothness booster but the reel is hard-edged for enhanced durability.

Similarly, the three-disc drag washers of Mela II are manufactured from carbon for ultimate and reliable strength. While the line roller has also been redesigned in Mela II to provide more effective line roller which can better prevent tangles and breaks.

  • Strong but Light Honeycomb machine cut spool

There are various and different components which make the KastKingMelaII Spinning Fishing Reel top rated and smoothest reels on the market.

Therefore, notably the alloy drive gear that makes for a buttery, effortless casting experience. While the brass gear is protected with two ball bearings that made for best in-line cranking as well as the stainless steel main shaft promotes and encouraging the Mela II fishing reel’s smoothest operation proficiencies.

As all know that a well-designed spinning reel has the right numbers of ball bearings, which required functioning optimally, this, is the same situation goes with KastKingMela II, features 10+1 double shielded and MaxiDur ball bearings, which covering and responsible for Mela II’s flawlessly, smooth performance.

  • Corrosion Proof

The Mela II is primarily manufactured from corrosion-free aluminum, stainless steel, brass, graphite, and carbon. Corrosion-free is not only the feature which makes for a smooth fishing experience, it allows the angler to be confident with the spinning reel that can even take the severe saltwater.

Also, it featured incredible aerospace-grade aluminum, interchangeable handle offer lightweight, and strong EVA knob makes it comfortable and non-slip.

  • Affordable price
  • Highly durable and offer smoother, high-quality performance
  • It comes with spare graphite spool, in this way anglers have original and bonus spool with the reel
  • Also its long casting lip aids in a better casting experience
  • It is equipped with an innovative honeycombed aluminum spool
  • Made with corrosion-free components
  • Superior drag tension
  • Excellent casting
  • It offers max drag of 41.5lbs
  • It sometimes makes a grinding sound
The KastKing Mela II Spinning Fishing Reel is the best-rated reel as it is the most improved edition of KastKing Mela Spinning Reel. Mela II is lightweight spinning reel as well as it is strong and durable enough as compared to other reels on the market.

If any fisherman or angler looking for a spinning reel which is reliable, high quality, durable and smoother then Mela II by KastKing is the excellent choice.

The perfect reel features better spool, high-quality inner parts, spare spool along with best overall experience.  Its ultra-comfortable aluminum handle enables anglers or fishermen to reel a large fish in an ultimate smoother way.

The KastKingMela II is smooth and reeling in is a breeze thanks to the comfortable ultra-comfortable aluminum handle.

It takes the salt well and is still working perfectly after months of use. Its special design aluminum spool along with rotor structure makes it protected from getting water in, also Mela II is the best spool to work with saltwater.


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