Daiwa Saltist Spinning Reel Review

Daiwa Saltist Spinning Reel Daiwa Saltist

Spinning reels have always been a significant part of any fishing gear. In clear words, it isn’t possible to catch a struggling fish without a good spinning reel.

Any angler with a big can of worms demands one decent fishing reel to empty his box. Honestly, you can find a reel in almost any retail dealership, but let’s face it; the majority of those reels are rotten.

These fishing reels are only suitable for one-time usage; you can’t use them to catch fishes for the second time. But, the good news is, we have the perfect spinning reel for you.

Daiwa is a well-reputed brand when it comes to smart and efficient spinning reels. Its latest invention is the Daiwa Saltist Spinning Reel. As fishing experts, we love everything about this spinning reel; it is comfortable, easy to use, durable, and has plenty of excellent features.

In this review, we will explain everything about the Daiwa Saltist Spinning reel. Let’s begin.

Product Description

The Daiwa Saltist Spinning reel is for extreme offshore fishers. It is the type of reel you use for high-action fishing in the deep waters. If you consider yourself a passionate saltwater fisher, then this spinning reel is suitable for you.

Moreover, it is sturdy and durable, ideal for preying on huge fishes. Other than that, the reel is available in five sizes: 6000H, 5600H, 4000H, and 4500H.

As mentioned above, this product is mainly of severe fishers; newbie fishers will not be able to get the hang of it. It is full of reliability and performance; this reel includes an aluminum handle for sweet retrieve and casting. Thanks to a waterproof ATD Drag Function, you will receive stress-free angling regardless of how much the fish struggles and fights.

Furthermore, nine effortlessly-functioning bearings and 5:61 ratio, this spinning reel is suitable for all saltwater fishers. It also includes a central shaft and a Magsealed fishing line roller that provides waterproof construction with corrosion-resistant capabilities.

We consider this fishing reel to be an ideal choice for experienced fishers. That is because it features firm Hardbodyz construction and top-notch shaped aluminum ABS reel, which can accommodate more than 30 lbs of the braid.

The Daiwa Saltist spinning reel weighs 9.5 ounces. It includes a Quick Anti-Reverse feature, which provides the best amount of drag – 15 pounds, enough to carry big saltwater and brine fish.

Product Features

  • Grade-A Design

All Daiwa reels include the Digigrear construction. Due to this construction method, the reels offer precisely milled gears to boost remarkable durability and maximum performance.

Other than that, this system makes the spool and the gears all movements of the handle precisely, enabling ideal drag and less fatigue. Even if you are fishing on a boat or angling a bit at the beach, the Saltist spinning reel will provide you an enjoyable and stress-free fishing experience.

  • Compact Air Rotor

Most users complain that this fishing reel is very heavy, but that’s not entirely true. Thanks to the lightweight and compact air rotor, the construction weight is reduced by 15%.

With this, you get even distribution of movements between the line roller and the line. Moreover, when the reel touches the saltwater, it reacts faster and efficiently.

With an exceptionally lightweight design, you can get a good grip on your fish.

  • Stainless Air Bail Tubular

In this spinning reel, Daiwa took a different path and created an advanced bail design known as the Air Bail. In the Air Bail system, there is a conical finish, which means your grip on the reel will be tight and right.

Besides that, this advanced system decreases the chances of twists and loops by ensuring the contact of the loose line with the line roller.

  • Durable Construction

As mentioned in the description of this spinning reel, the Hardbodyz is known to be a proprietary alloy manufactured in a safe space by Daiwa.

It is a durable material that offers unmatchable durability and power without any sacrifices on the weight.

Daiwa added a little twist to the Hardbodyz alloy construction. By combining it with a couple of other metals to create an enjoyable and long-lasting frame that can easily handle extreme saltwater situations.

  • Ultimate Aluminum ABS Spool

Thanks to this feature, the Daiwa Saltist spinning reel can accommodate more than 30 lbs of the braid. The fishing reel is braid-certified and gives you the chance to tackle huge saltwater fishes easily. As a result of this feature, no fish, either big or small, will fall from your line.

  • Waterproof Drag System

If you want to achieve the perfect amount of smoothness, then this spinning reel can help you. It features an ATD – Automatic Tournament Drag System that provides effortless pressure deliverance between the main shaft and the spool.

While dragging, you will not feel any jerks or pulses. Because of the hands-down amazing ATD, the Daiwa Saltist is one of the smoothest fishing reels on the planet.

  • 9 Stainless Steel, Corrosion-Free Ball Bearings

The Daiwa Saltist Spinning reel comes with eight stainless steel corrosion-free ball bearings for transferring fluid. Other than that, there is another anti-reverse stainless steel ball-bearing that offers you a firm grip while fishing.

  • Main Shaft and MagSealed Line Roller

Daiwa includes a commendable waterproofing technology known as the MagSealed. It provides perfect protection against grime, water, salt water, sand, and lots of other impurities.

Moreover, there is metal oil on the surface, which eliminates any drops of water left on the reel to make it corrosion-free.


Wrapping up: Our Final Thoughts on the Daiwa Saltist

  • Waterproof design
  • Best line capacity
  • Decent warranty
  • The Drag system is waterproof
  • Expensive
  • Heavy

So you’ve read the review, and now you are sure that you want to buy this spinning reel. The Daiwa Saltist Spinning reel is durable and offers maximum performance.
However, it is a bit expensive, but you shouldn’t be one who comprises quantity over quality.
This spinning reel will become your fishing partner for a long time, and with every trip to the pond, you will be coming home with a bucket full of fishes.


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