Abu Gracia Revo SX Spinning Reel

Abu Gracia Revo SX Spinning ReelNeed a spinning reel with high-caliber performance, longevity, and value BUT you are on a budget?

Fret not as the thumb rule that the best item comes with the highest price point doesn’t apply when it comes to spinning reels.

As you can have some spinning reels at a low to moderate price pointstacked in the fishing store. And Revo SX Spinning Reel by Abu Gracia falls in this category. This is why it interests many serious but budget-conscious anglers.

Boasting an impressive lineup of fishing reels and rods, Abu Gracia is one of the leading names in the fishing industry.And this nice little reel, Revo SX Spinning Reel, is one of their signature products, that can make a perfect pick for those who are looking for a reel balancing quality, performance, and price.

All the reels in this four-model lineage are carbon-based, sturdy, and light in weight. Primarily crafted to deliver optimal performance, the series features Abu Gracia’s technical and innovative specs which are proprietary of Abu Gracia. These specifications include (RLMS) Rocket Line Management System and the Everlast Bail.

On top of it, the series provides seamlessly smooth casting and cranking which is mainly due to its 1-piece aluminum box and 9-bearing system.

Technical Specifications

You need to get yourself acquainted with the technical features of Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel before you fall for it. The underlying table will familiarize you with all these features and help you know whether they suit your fishing preferences or not.

As mentioned earlier, Revo SX Spinning Reel comes in four different models and each includes slightly different features. The larger the model, the bulkier the reel.

ModelMonofilament CapacityBraided Line CapacityLine RecoveryBall BearingsMaximum Drag PressureReel Weight
REVO2SX0110 yards of 6-lb-test150 yards of 6-lb-test30 inches per turn8 + 110 pounds7.2 ounces
REVO2SX0120 yards of 8-lb-test175 yards of 8-lb-test33 inches per turn8 + 111 pounds7.3 ounces
REVO2SX0175 yards of 8-lb-test180 yards of 10-lb-test35 inches per turn8 + 111 pounds7.9 ounces
REVO2SX0230 yards of 10-lb-test250 yards of 14-lb-test40 inches per turn8 + 117 pounds9.2 ounces

Special Features

This spinning reel is a punch of certain appealing features. The features which are common in all the four versions are listed underline.

  • It can be set up to both left- and right-hand side so poses no trouble for both.
  • K-clutch anti-reverse for solid hooksets
  • Smooth Carbon Matrix hybrid drags
  • Front-located drag system adjustments
  • Rocket Line Management
  • Lightweight rotor manufactured with graphite
  • Braid-ready spool crafted with aluminum
  • 8+1 stainless steel HPCR ball bearing system

Impressions and Quality

Abu Garcia’s Revo SX with its red and black color combination is pleasing to the eyes and presentsan updated look when you look at it for the first time.

It matches decently with a variety of rods, particularly those with fibrous carbon and foamy grips, Veracity, or Vendetta2 rod, for instance.  It bears an obvious resemblance toShimano Stradic Ci4+.Exhibiting very little flex, the body isa fine blend of matte and glittery texture.

As for quality, this will satisfy you to the bits. With a bunch of outstanding features adjacent to thereel, Revo SX is highly durable in quality. Its smoothness due to C6 Carbon is a great contributor to make it last relatively longer as compared to its competitors.

For enhanced quality provision, Abu Gracia incorporated Carbon Matrix and anti-reversing K-Clutch System in the device which both combine to make the cranking interruption-free and contribute its share to make the unit durable.

Finally, the introduction of an everlasting stainless-steel bail system also helps a long way to impart longevity to Revo SX.

You will find nothing to quibble about its quality until you put it to extremely close inspection to the discerning eyes of experienced anglers. These gripes will also be very minor and hard to notice.

The popped-up issues may include not so crisp machining and lettering or a speck of discolorationof a small patch on the anodizing knob.


While Revo SX’s is made into a streamlined and compact body, it doesn’t translate into medium to low performance. It is rather able to crank on big fishes, taking fullest advantage of its compact, lightweight and flexible body.

Indeedts impressive extent of weightlessness enables you to better secure gigantic basses with your hand conveniently handling the light-weighted reel. You will be able to enjoy its comfortable ergonomics during your fish spree.


For casting Revo SX is an excellent reel. Its extremely thick arbor placed on the machined aluminum spool ensures that the extra line doesn’t annoy you during fishing operations. A bit of an angle made on spool lip allows the fishing line to flow off freely.

It helps control the upcoming lines of the spool. For improved casting, the RSL technique is also employed in the reel, this gives Revov SX precise and accurate casting which is crucial in fishing.

With its ultra-light build and smooth functioning, Revo SX provides the anglers an amazing fishing experience each time they use it.

This can be a perfect pick for you if your fishing involves more of light baits.


Although Revo SX doesn’t stutter while turning the knob, the transition may not be called as smooth as butter. Making use of its main gear made of brass and 1-piece gearbox design, it retrieves gently but still, there is a little ‘Geary’ feel about this reel.

However, it should not concern you much as it’s far from being a deal-breaker. Besides this slightest gripe, Revo SX gives you a solid feel and doesn’t get loose or wobble during fishing. Its hook setting ability is perfect with no play-back knob.

  • Its principal shaft is manufactured with stainless steel and lasts relatively longer. This steely build also makes it resistant against corrosion.
  • HPCR bearings and dual spinning reel make it last for years.
  • Durable bail system
  • C6 carbon build of the unit adds to its portability and compactness.
  • Rocket Spool Lip helps it reduce slippage
  • Its impeccable oscillation gives it precision in casting
  • Its computerized configuration gear system gives it extra smoothness in operations
  • Aluminum built braid spool provides it an excellent back-play to prevent any interruption in cranking.
  • The package doesn’t include a spare reel. Therefore, you will have to buy one separately for emergency use. and for this, you will have to stay in contact with Abu Gracia customer support.
  • The lightweight of this spinning reel makes it more vulnerable to air knots. So, while fishing near an enormous water body, you might have trouble handling your spinning reel. To overcome this, you will have to employ some strategy like closing the bail manually so that fishing becomes hassle-free.
  • Its drag knob flange could have been made taller so that adjustments could be made comfortably.
I would highly recommend Revo SX to the novice and the pro anglers alike as it is an efficient spinning reel that delivers high performance at an economical price range. It’s quite rare to find such an efficient reel at this price point.

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